Best Iris Perfumes

Iris is a genus of about 260–300, species of flowering plants with showy flowers. It takes its name from the Greek word for a rainbow, which is also the name for the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris. According to the legend Irida used a rainbow to come from sky to earth to bring the will of Olympic Gods to the people. When she touched the ground, beautiful iris flowers came out of her footprints.

Irises are perennial plants, growing from rhizomes or, in drier climates, from bulbs. They have long flowering stems which may be simple or branched, solid or hollow, and flattened or have a circular cross-section. Continue reading “Best Iris Perfumes”

Best Chypre Fragrances

Chypre is French for Cyprus and the term was introduced as a perfume category in 1917 when François Coty created a perfume named Chypre using fragrance ingredients that came especially from the Mediterranean countries. Many perfume ingredients flourish here. Chypre fragrances are build around a woody, mossy accord of bergamot, oakmoss, patchouli and labdanum. Continue reading “Best Chypre Fragrances”

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